It’s been a great year for me. Almost this time last year I interned for a month in Skillbee. Skillbee aims to bridge the gap between skilled blue-collar workers and trusted employers. I had been learning different technologies but hadn’t had any real-world experience yet. I had applied for a lot of internships through various portals. My portfolio matched well with their requirement and I was selected after a quick task followed by a telephonic interview. They were based out of Visakhapatnam. Naturally, the first that popped into my head was to look for a place to stay. My joining date was delayed by around a week due to the rescheduling of my semester exams(ugh). This was my first internship. I was a bit nervous about how it was going to be. But then I got a call from my employer that I will be staying with them. Much excited. Yes, I was.

My work began the next day. I was hired as a full-stack intern. I was tasked with profiling the users of the platform. That included things like setting up a profile, being able to edit it. At first, it seemed like an easy task, but I got to learn that one has to consider a lot of things when building a real-world application. I had been working a bit on ReactJS but wasn’t so experienced in it. My initial few days were a bit rough as I was a bit slow understanding of the existing code. But I managed to learn quickly thanks to some help from my fellow intern. After that, I worked smoothly. The first release of our application was memorable as I was fixing a lot of things until the last minute. I got to know about a lot of concepts along with like PWAs, hosting and Docker(the best one).

The internship was a great learning experience for me. The people there helped a lot whenever I felt stuck. I learned the process of building with continuous feedback boosts the development speed by a lot. I learned a lot about startup culture from them(hoping I will start mine one day).

For me, though the best part of all if this were the discussions we had. We usually thought about where the product was heading and where do we see ourselves in the next few months or a year. I still miss the dinner table discussions we had, it was like war. To every topic, there were two sides and we debated a lot. We went out in the evening every day for a stroll on the beach. Weekends were fun. We went around a lot of places. We also had an awesome new year’s party.

Overall the internship was a great experience for me. I learned a lot which eventually helped me going ahead. Not just about technologies, about every other thing as well thanks to them.